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Medina County, OH - Animal Control & Pest Wildlife Removal
Bats, Birds, & More, Inc. - 330-723-4889

Bat and Bird Control-Bats Birds and More
Bat and Bird Control

As wildlife control specialists, we understand that each situation is different and needs a customized plan of action. Our experience allows us to evaluate the situation and determine the best plan of action required. By working with the homeowner as a team, we are able to successfully resolve wildlife problems using a variety of techniques and education.

Bats, Birds, & More, Inc., located in Medina County, Ohio, specializes in resolving bat and bird conflicts along with providing services for other wildlife conflicts. With over 20 years of experience in animal management practices and techniques along with ten years experience as Ohio bat specialists, we are able to quickly evaluate the situation and take steps for immediate intervention. Our number one priority is the safety and piece of mind of people experiencing a wildlife conflict. By identifying and focusing on the problem and not the symptoms, Bats, Birds, & More, Inc. has a track record of providing long-term and whenever possible permanent solutions.

Bats, Birds, & More, Inc. is a registered S corporation with the State of Ohio with five employees and has Ohio Worker’s Compensation along with a general liability insurance policy. We are licensed by the Ohio Division of Wildlife for wildlife control services and the Ohio Department of Agriculture in five separate categories for pesticide usage including vertebrate and mosquito control.

National Wildlife Control Operators Association
NWCOA Member

Bats, Birds, & More, Inc. is an active member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, the Ohio Wildlife Control Operators Association, the Fur Takers of America, the National Trappers Association, the Ohio State Trappers Association, the National Rifle Association, the U.S. Sportsman Alliance Foundation, Quality Deer Management Association, and Duck's Unlimited.

Bats, Birds, & More, Inc. and our employees have obtained the following accreditations and training: Professional Bat Excluders by Bat Conservation International, Certified Bird Control Specialists by Bird Barrier, Inc., Certified Wildlife Control Professional by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, Certified Wildlife Damage Management Professional by the National Wildlife Damage Management Academy, Certified Goose Control Professionals by the National Goose Management Academy, Master Trapper rating by Fur Takers of America, Hunting and Trapping Education Instructor for the Ohio Division of Wildlife, and completion of 70 contact hours at the Professional Trappers Furbearer Management Short Course by Purdue University.

We can help solve wildlife conflicts with depredation of livestock, Quality Deer Management herds, turkey, pheasant, and quail restoration predator protection, timber and road destruction, egg predation for waterfowl, and culling projects for deer and hog damage.

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