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All in One Wildlife and Pest

All in One Wildlife & Pest Management Inc. is a Massachusetts licensed and insured wildlife and pest Management Company, a home improvement contractor and chimney service company. The professional staff at All in One prides itself on our ability to not only remedy your immediate wildlife or pest management issue, but also offer a long term solution to your problem We have a full time chimney mason and a carpenter, laborers and roofers under our employ in order to do the proper repairs to your property to insure a final solution.

We can humanly remove bats, squirrels and raccoons form your chimney and cap or if necessary rebuild or repair your chimney to guarantee no future wildlife entry.

Not only do we remove squirrels from your eves, but we also trim back tree branches and rebuild or repair your soffit.

Our home improvement division can also repair any structural damage to your home caused by ants or termites and we offer annual contracts for general pest control services.

We not only trap wildlife, but also animal proof sheds and decks to keep out the skunks and woodchucks. We can permanently solve your issue with mice and also safely remove any infested insulation from your attic or crawlspace

Massachusetts general law requires that any company or individual doing repairs or alterations to your home in excess of $500.00 shall hold a Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor License and any work done over $1000.00 requires a written contract, and requires that professional businesses carry the proper license’s and liability insurance. Federal law requires that all employee’s of such company’s are adequately covered by workers compensation insurance and any employee working at a height greater that six feet be properly trained in fall protection and OSHA safety standards. Hiring properly licensed and insured companies or individuals is the property owner’s responsibility and failure to do so assumes all liability. All Wildlife control in Massachusetts requires each individual to have a Mass. Problem animal control permit, and chemical applications require proper license and certification in correct categories

All in One Wildlife & Pest Management Inc. owns and maintains all its own personal safety equipment and is 100% OSHA compliant at all times.

We carry full liability insurance and workers compensation for all employees. Certificates of insurance are available on request and can be faxed directly to your office.

Company President Thomas J Reilly currently manages operations Mr. Reilly holds an instructors authorization from the US dept. of labor and industries to teach OSHA safety standards and an instructors certificate from the American Red Cross and currently is responsible for all safety programs and training for employees.

Mr. Reilly and his staff are dedicated to industry professionalism and safety and attend all training made available.

All in One Wildlife & Pest Management Inc. employee’s hold Massachusetts’s trapping, sporting, firearm and pesticide applicators licenses and are certified in termite control, vertebrate and general pest and are also certified as a Canada goose management professionals, and certified bat conservationists, and are Nationally Certified Wildlife Control professionals and members of the National chimney sweeps guild.