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Caution! raccoons are very strong, capable of removing the shingles and plywood from your roof
& are the most susceptible to rabies

Raccoon trapping, control and removal

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Raccoon in a Closet

Sometimes referred to as "Masked Bandits," raccoons can cause a great deal of property damage to homes and gardens.

Common raccoon damage consists of:

Droppings from a raccoon are infested with this roundworm and actually considered a biohazard. Coming in contact with infested droppings or breathing in the dried roundworm eggs poses a serious health risk for both people and pets.

We can trap, remove and control problem raccoons for you in rural, urban and suburban settings. We remove nuisance raccoons from chimneys, attics, crawlspaces, walls and wherever they happen to be causing problems.

We can also help you to keep raccoons out of your home before they arrive or after they have been removed. Entry points and potential entry points are sealed with stout materials to prevent return visits from unwanted raccoons. We love our clients, but we would prefer to see you under better circumstances after the raccoon removal and exclusion work has been performed!

We is your local, honest and dependable choice for professional raccoon removal and control.

We have heard "How do I get rid of these raccoons!" hundreds of times, so please do not hesitate giving us a ring for any of your raccoon control needs.

To evict "Ricky Raccoon" from your home, just give one of our experts a call !

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