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tunnels will undermine cement slabs and foundations as well as present hazards to people and animals

ground squirrel trapping, control and removal

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Ground Squirrel Control Photo ©  William C. Gladish
Ground Squirrel

Ground Squirrel Control?

Yes, we manage and control the squirrel species causing damage to your home and property. Trapping and removing unwanted Gound Squirrels is certainly one of our specialities. There are many species which are ground squirrels including the Thirteen Lined, the Belding's, the California, the Rock, the Franklin, the Richardson, the Columbian, the Washington and the Townsend.

We also offer exclusion services to prevent ground squirrels from gaining access to your home or other structure. If you are unsure of the squirrel species causing damage, no worries. We have the expertise to identify which squirrel species needs to be addressed. We are only a quick phone call away.

We offer squirrel removal and control services for just about any location or situation.

We can also help you to keep squirrels out of your home before they arrive or after they have been removed. Entry points and potential entry points are sealed with stout materials to keep unwanted squirrels out of your home for good. Give one of our experts a ring anytime, including weekends, to start the process of getting rid of unwanted, problem squirrels from your home or your property.

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