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Gopher trapping, control and removal

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Captured Gopher (Photo © Desert Wildlife Services)
Pocket Gopher Trapped Alive
Tucson, Arizona - © Desert Wildlife Services

Over time, no control method has proven more effective than physically trapping and removing pocket gophers from their burrow systems. We continue to use this effective, proven control method with great success.

We offer pocket gopher removal and control services for just about any location or situation.

Gopher trapping is performed underground, in active burrow systems. This reduces the chance of humans, pets or wildlife coming into contact with traps. Also, no baits or poisons are used, further eliminating conflicts with nontarget species.

we offer several service plans to get rid of your problem gophers.

If gopher activity is light, removal on a per trip basis is often the best option. These jobs are typically of the residential yard and garden variety and average 2 or 5 trips from start to finish.

If gopher activity is moderate to heavy, a monthly or yearly plan might be less costly vs. a per trip plan. Longer term plans generally involve parks, golf courses and other expansive areas.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding rates or service availability. Gopher trapping, removal and control is one of our specialties.

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