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Agressive and nesting geese, bird-dropping-laden premises are bad for employees and customers

Goose Control and Removal

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Canada Goose Roundup
Canada Goose Control (Roundup)

Is your community or your business been taken over by Canada geese? Have you, your family, employees or customers been attacked by geese? Do you have goose droppings covering your lawns, sidewalks, and parking lots. If so, we have the solution! We can reclaim your property and improve your grounds.

We have a comprehensive approach and a long-term commitment for reducing the nuisance Canada goose populations while recognizing their place in our environment.

The once nearly extinct Canada goose population has proliferated over the last 30 years. Their growth has presented some unattractive landscape surroundings and health concerns to many residents and businesses. The numbers of goose-related complaints have increased in urban areas where virtually no hunting or predator pressure exists. Feces, property damage, and aggressive behavior from the geese are the most common problems reported by landowner’s.

A successful goose management program depends upon your pursuit to make a site unattractive for geese. Let our Nationally Certified Goose Management* staff evaluate and design a program specifically for your site. There are a variety of management tools available. Which tools to use, where and when is our business.

Geese on a Lawn
Agressive Goose © Harbor Wildlife Control
Goose Egg Addling
Egg Addling © Harbor Wildlife Control

We are equipped to provide you with a full range of state of the art services in Canada goose control. Because of our background and experience, our wildlife biologists can provide your community or organization with a range of services from the capture and removal of your resident goose population to the building of community support for your goose control program.

Our team of wildlife biologists and wildlife technicians realize that the resolution of your goose problem is the reason you have contacted our firm. It is our goal to provide you with quality service and the finest in goose control.

  1. Site Inspections
  2. Initial Evaluations
  3. Economic Impact Statements
  4. Consultation
  5. Program Design
  6. Habitat Modification
  7. Effigies
  8. Nighttime Harassment
  9. Border Collie Patrols
  10. Permit Facilitation
  11. Egg Addling and Removal
  12. Roundups
  13. Public Relations

We can produce the following results
  1. Reduce Resident Canada Goose Population
  2. Reduce Corporate and Customer Liability
  3. Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  4. Increase Landscape Beauty
  5. Reduce Equipment Maintenance and Labor Costs
Class of 2002

Nationally Certified Goose Managent Professionals (Ask if they are Certified)

To evict this pooping machine from your home or business, just give one of our experts a call !

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