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TNR is a misguided attempt at controlling overpopulation that results in environmental irresponsibility

Feral Cat trapping, control and removal

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Captured Feral Cat
Captured Feral Cat

Cats, feral cats, wild cats, stray cats, domesticated cats, house cats....

The terms can be confusing, but rest assured, Harbor Wildlife Control traps, removes and controls problem cats.

We focus on the removal of feral or wild cats. These felines would be best described as cats that have lost, or never received proper socialization. In essence, they have become, or were born, wild.

Some proponents of feral cat colonies wonder why feral cats should be removed and controlled. Our customers know why:

Left unchecked, feral cat colonies can grow to large numbers, creating unsanitary conditions in areas around homes and under structures. Unsanitary conditions in such places include accumulated urine and feces, flies, partially eaten birds, rodents and reptiles. Dead cats are also commonly found were feral cat colonies exist.

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"TNR is a misguided attempt at controlling overpopulation that results in environmental irresponsibility, the mortality of native wildlife, and miserable living conditions (trash, makeshift housing) and tragic deaths for cats not to mention subsidized abandonment. TNR is based on perpetual colony maintenance and is done to avoid the euthanasia of cats, even though socialization of adult feral cats can be done much more so than TNR advocates would have folks think."

Feral cats often vocalize loudly at night while fighting and mating. Doorways, vehicles and other objects and areas are often sprayed by cats to mark their territory, creating a very unpleasant smell.

As feral cats are uncared for, they often harbor diseases and ectoparasites. Feral cats are also known to act aggressively towards humans and pets.

Our clients with bird feeders often discover that their backyards become hunting grounds for feral cats. Feral cats kill countless numbers of songbirds and native wildlife species each year.

We understand that feral cat control is a sensitive issue. We work in a discreet manner whenever dealing with the capture, removal and control of feral cats.

If you need feral cats removed in a professional manner, we are here for you.

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