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Only in New Jersey the damages caused by vehicle collisions have reached
$10 million, in Pennsylvania there are over 40,000 collisions every year

Deer control, removal and damage management

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Deer-Vehicle Collision
Deer-Vehicle Collision

Property damage is another result of the growing Whitetail population. Home gardens and landscaping are expensive in both financial terms and in the homeowners time and efforts in maintenance.

Due to the fact that the whitetail populations are growing, more and more people are concerned about property damages. A rather amusing but terrible aspect in the same time is that although there is an area where there are plenty of natural foods, deer populations are attracted to the backyards where they can find juicy and succulent plants. You can imagine what happens when the natural foods are found in limited quantities; the backyards become the main target.

Even when natural foods abound in local area, deer are often attracted to the rich succulent plants of the backyard landscape. Natural foods are limited by the natural pH and nutrients of the soil and are in competition with neighboring plants for sunlight.

Deer Defacating
The Deed
Deer Droppings
Deer Droppings

In the backyard, trees, plants, and gardens are usually enhanced by things like pH normalization, fertilizer, and pruning. In addition, the woodlot openings created by our home sites provide additional sunlight to our domestic plantings. When natural food supplies are limited either seasonally or by over use by deer, the backyard becomes a magnet for deer.

Deer Damage to Arborvitae
Deer Damage to Arborvitae

Commercial exploitation, unregulated hunting and poor land-use practices, including deforestation severely depressed deer populations in much of their range. For example, by about 1930, the U.S. population was thought to number about 300,000. After an outcry by hunters and other conservation ecologists, commercial exploitation of deer became illegal and conservation programs along with regulated hunting were introduced.

Recent estimates put the deer population in the United States at around 30 million. Conservation practices have proved so successful that, in parts of their range, the white-tailed deer populations currently far exceed their carrying capacity and the animal may be considered a nuisance. Motor vehicle collisions with deer are a serious problem in many parts of the animal's range, especially at night and during rutting season, causing injuries and fatalities among both deer and humans.

At high population densities, farmers can suffer economic damage by deer depredation of cash crops, especially in maize and orchards. Deer also cause substantial damage to landscape plants in suburban areas, leading to limited hunting or trapping to relocate or sterilize them.

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