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Bats are susceptible to rabies
Rabid bats rarely attack humans.
Never touch or pick up any bat

bat trapping, control and removal

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Bat Control Photo © Harbor Wildlife Control
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Love them or not, bats are one of Nature's most unique species of the Animal Kingdom.

As marvelous and biologically diverse as they are, bats can become a nuisance, or "pest" when using homes and other structures as roosting sites.

Our experts can remove bats from any type of structure without trapping or harming these unique, flying mammals.

Unwanted bats roosting in attics, crawlspaces, voids and gaps between walls and beams on patios, over doorways and other places are "evicted" using one-way check valves. After the bats have been evicted, we seal the entry points to make sure the problem is solved permanently.

Bats may present other concerns, as well.

  1. A bat could bite or scratch you and give you or someone in your home the life-threatening disease, rabies. We can't take that risk.
  2. Wherever you find bats, you'll find bat guano (droppings). Besides making a mess, bat guano is also a breeding ground for the disease Histoplasmosis, which can be contracted by humans simply by breathing in the airborne fungal spores

Whatever your bat removal and control needs might be, give us a ring. You might be surprised at how little it costs to remove bats from your house or structure without the use of harmful toxicants or trapping.

Our experts are certified as Approved Bat Exclusion Professionals by Bat Conservation International.

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